Sveta Nedija, Hvar


The picture is taken at the small haven near SVETA NEDIJA on the island of HVAR in croatia. Though it is not a really known place it pretty cool. The spot i jumped there isn’t as high as you can go but you need to be a “good” climber to get there.

Take the ferry from SPLIT to STARI GRAD on Hvar and from Stari Grad go to a place called Zavala. If you don’t have a boat ask either Braco or Vjeko Jakas (both of them own Pensions in the center of the village) if they could take you there. If you have a boat, start out of Zavala going in eastern direction parallel to the coastline. Go beyond the bay where the cables are going into the water, until you can see really high stone walls (careful there many of them but that one is highest) and a few hundred meters from it theres a gas station for boats. The entrance to the place lies hidden but you should be able to find it without problems. The spot lies between the villages Ivan Dolac and Sveta Nedija.

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